Midea Corporation has developed the new split-systems of the 2019 series. BreezeleSS +, which combines innovative design, efficiency, rapid cooling with a uniform and “windless” (laminar) air distribution.

The internal unit of the BreezeleSS + series has TwinFlap double deflectors (louvers) with an air vent and 7928 mini-holes for uniform dispersion of cool air. In addition, BreezeleSS + is considered the first split-conditioner with side air vents. These S-shaped sockets are specifically designed to work with front louvers to ensure optimum air flow through the heat exchanger and improve dispersion.

In the outdoor design unit “Diamond” there is a high-quality DC-inverter compressor running on ozone-safe R32 freon, which is capable of reaching a rotor speed of 65 Hz for 6 seconds, in combination with a high speed of a DC-inverter fan and a wide 70-mm air outlet, can reduce the air temperature in the room in the shortest possible period of time.