BreezeleSS+ Дефинитивно е една од најголемите новини на пазарот за домашни системи за климатизација, како технолошки така и естетски. Создаден е за корисници кои ја ценат вистинската удобност и оригиналниот дизајн.

The indoor unit of the Forest series has a glossy wave-like (AF) – special development by Midea and a flat front panel with an edged (AF8) plastic with a hidden LED display, which can, at the request of the user, turn off the display and sound. The remote control at the time of pressing the buttons turns on the display backlight. The outdoor units have an original “Diamond” design used in various series of Midea split systems.

Mission II – a modern series on Freon R32, with the possibility of Wi-Fi control and a special model of the remote control. It has high efficiency, energy efficiency class “A++” (for cooling).

Attention! The presence of the letters “H” at the end of the marking indicates the presence in the outdoor unit of the crankcase heater of the compressor and the heater of the pallet of the outdoor unit.

The latest 2020 series with an original smooth design of the indoor unit, with an outdoor unit in the “BRILLIANT” style, environmentally friendly R32 freon, with WI-FI READY function and a modern stylish remote control.